The Keys of Death

There you are wrong, Doctor. I am my own man. Do not confuse me with the Metropolitan Police. My only superior is the cause of true justice. There are no limits to the means I use in my investigations. I operate independently on this side of the law, yet I appreciate the good people on the other.”

With a Foreword by Mattias Boström.

The Keys of Death is Baker Street bedrock. In Gretchen Altabef’s 1880 novel, Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Watson, and Mrs. Hudson begin something great in the world.

Out of the fogs of 1880 London, three young souls unite in their common desire for justice.”A genesis story about friendship with the power to change the world. Here, finally, Mrs. Hudson’s part in it can be told.

Our cast includes Paris’s gentleman thief, Arsene Lupin, West African pirate, Félix Calabar, London’s spectacular beauty, Lily Langtry, the Imperial Theatre Orchestra, the Irregular’s, and even the Prince of Wales has a part to play in Holmes’ solution to the murder mystery. Altabef’s exploration into women’s history brings to light the immensely creative approach to freedom crafted by the ladies of the Anglo-Jewish Community.

The Keys of Death rocks the heart of Holmes’ world. With a vengeful villain to match him. The world’s first consulting detective practice is born through one man’s unshakable belief in his gifts, his courage, and especially his friends. Through every challenge Sherlock Holmes upholds his vision of a merciful justice for our world.

I am an MX author of new Sherlock Holmes novels. My writing springs from the same sense of justice as Dr. Watson’s, and Dr. Doyle’s. My books brim with imagination and a news reporter’s excitement for the true history of the day. THESE SCATTERED HOUSES. A breakthrough novel for Holmes and for me, an historical murder mystery solved as only Holmes can. The sequel, Sherlock Holmes: REMARKABLE POWER OF STIMULUS is a Sherlock Holmes novel with heart. THE KEYS OF DEATH is the genesis story of No. 221B Baker Street.

Two short stories published this year: “In The Land of the Living” Mystery Magazine, October 2021. “Sir Arthur and the Time Machine” SHERLOCK HOLMES FURTHER ADVENTURES IN THE REALMS OF H. G. WELLS, a Belanger Anthology. I contributed Arthur Conan Doyle’s, and Sherlock Holmes’ history, and edited JEREMY BRETT – PLAYING A PART and JEREMY BRETT IS SHERLOCK HOLMES by Maureen Whittaker.

A member of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London, The Adventuresses of Sherlock Holmes, The John H. Watson Society, the Priory Scholars of New York, the ACD Society, the Sherlock Holmes Society of India, and the Philadelphia Dumpster Divers assemblage artist collective.


The Sherlock Holmes Journal Review of The Keys of Death

. . . an original and refreshing exploration of the early days of the Baker Street triumvirate . . . the birth of an enduring friendship . . . Sarah Obermuller-Bennett for The Sherlock Holmes Journal In his introduction, Mattias Boström describes himself as an “embracer” of Holmes in his many forms, and issues the… Continue reading The Sherlock Holmes Journal Review of The Keys of Death

Today’s Amazon Review of The Keys of Death

The Keys of Death is fantastic! Another victory! Altabef’s third book is a compelling and entertaining read. I loved this take on the origins of the unstoppable team of Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, AND Mrs. Hudson! Gretchen Altabef always does a great job of imbuing exciting mystery stories with strong female characters and a feminist… Continue reading Today’s Amazon Review of The Keys of Death

Loved it! 😍

Reedsy Review: “A new Holmes story for fans of the original, The Keys of Death is a satisfying new mystery, true to character, and delicious to read!” Keys of Death is not Gretchen Altabef’s first foray into the world of Sherlock Holmes, there are at least three other novels in this vein according to her Goodreads… Continue reading Loved it! 😍

The Keys of Death – Another Virtuoso Performance by Gretchen Altabef

A review by Harry DeMaio The Sherlockian world is currently awash with pastiches, analyses, essays, histories, psychological studies and assorted other literary efforts. I have made a few contributions to this torrent myself. Periodically, a volume emerges that is truly different in design and execution. Gretchen Altabef’s The Keys of Death is such a book.   She has skillfully combined an excellent mystery… Continue reading The Keys of Death – Another Virtuoso Performance by Gretchen Altabef

Geri Schear’s Review Rocks The Keys of Death

Originally posted on Geri Schear:
Human nature being what it is, we can’t help but find favourites in films, music, books, etc. You won’t be surprised to learn that some of my favourite reading material comes in the form of Sherlock Holmes books. And out of that hoard of riches, there are specific authors whose…