The Keys of Death Audiobook!

THE KEYS OF DEATH is now an audiobook! The greatest joys of creating a novel are the exceptional people one is privileged to work with and J.T. McDaniel has brought life to my words and produced another fantastic narration for me. THE KEYS OF DEATH is a genesis story about friendship with the power to change the world.

“. . . presents a much more considerate portrayal of the young Mr Holmes. Mrs Hudson too is much younger than the version many of us may have in our minds, which is no bad thing.. . . we learn of the birth of an enduring friendship — I was much taken with the charming vignette of Holmes and Watson undertaking a cigarette-smoking experiment for the former’s research purposes. Overall, an original and refreshing exploration of the early days of the Baker Street triumvirate, with solid historical research and unexpected entries by other characters who will be well known to the readers.” –Review by Sarah Obermuller-Bennett for The Sherlock Holmes Society of London

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