The Keys of Death – Another Virtuoso Performance by Gretchen Altabef

A review by Harry DeMaio The Sherlockian world is currently awash with pastiches, analyses, essays, histories, psychological studies and assorted other literary efforts. I have made a few contributions to this torrent myself. Periodically, a volume emerges that is truly different in design and execution. Gretchen Altabef’s The Keys of Death is such a book.   She has skillfully combined an excellent mystery… Continue reading The Keys of Death – Another Virtuoso Performance by Gretchen Altabef

REVIEW – Remarkable Power of Stimulus by The Sherlock Holmes Journal

. . . a boldly portrayed Holmes . . . This book is exciting, ingenious, and a delight to read. I hope it will attract the modern generation to our Holmes and Watson." "The first President of this Society, S.C. Roberts, once observed “Certain imaginative playwrights, with a greater regard for popular sentiment than for… Continue reading REVIEW – Remarkable Power of Stimulus by The Sherlock Holmes Journal

These Scattered Houses Review by Margaret Walsh

Ms. Altabef has done a sterling job. Holmes’s voice rings clear and true in this excellent novel. Grand Staircase Palais Garnier, Paris These Scattered Houses is a Sherlock Holmes pastiche written by Gretchen Altabef and published by MX Publishing, London. Set in New York near the end of the Great Hiatus – Sherlock Holmes finds… Continue reading These Scattered Houses Review by Margaret Walsh

Two-fer: 1 Novel + 1 Sequel

I looked at him anew, with an understanding I never had before and with awe for the magnitude of such a mind. In a flash I understood the cocaine, his moods, and his genius. MX Publishing has bundled together These Scattered Houses and Remarkable Power of Stimulus. My action packed original story of Holmes alone,… Continue reading Two-fer: 1 Novel + 1 Sequel