Gretchen Altabef

Author in Clapham Common, London UK

“Like Dr. Watson, you can dress me up in white-tie, but underneath, I’m a retired fictional army medic, itching for some action.”

Gretchen Altabef, met Sherlock Holmes for the first time watching Ronald Howard’s friendly portrayal on TV when she was six-years-old. She read Doyle concurrently with Poe, as contraband in a private girl’s High School.

Today she is the MX Publishing Author of Sherlock Holmes: These Scattered Houses. The audiobook, narrated by J. T. McDaniel, reached #2 in sales of all 2019 MX Holiday releases. The sequel, Sherlock Holmes: A Remarkable Power of Stimulus is due to release 16 November 2020. Ms. Altabef is both contributor to the Sherlock Holmes section and an editor of Jeremy Brett – Playing A Part, a definitive performance biography, by Maureen Whittaker, due to release 12 September 2020.

Like, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, she has lived an adventurous writer’s life. Her career included Madison Avenue, newspaper features, documentary films, playwright, sculptor, and NYC cabdriver. She was the first woman to race through NYC streets to beat police and fire to the scene of the crime for TV news. The first woman hired by the NYC DA to chronicle crime scenes. She learned research with Bucky Fuller for the World Game at SIU, and demonstrated techniques of video art to Salvador Dali at NYU.

Jeremy Brett used his immense talent, intelligence, and experience to show us the incredible range of feeling bubbling beneath the surface of the genius detective. “Holmes appears to be this rather cold and distant figure who holds the rest of humanity at arm’s length. But deep down I believe––much deeper down––he is a man of tremendous sensitivity and feeling.” –Jeremy Brett. The Bryan Times, 1988.

In her novels, Ms. Altabef also explores what lies beneath the surface of this bohemian genius and how he is affected by the experiences of his singular life. Her fictional journeys are influenced by her copious research plus the application of that imagination and intuition Holmes usually found lacking in the Scotland Yarders. Her appreciation of Conan Doyle’s canon is from a woman’s viewpoint.

As an author of new Sherlock Holmes mysteries, she spends much of her time in that famous sitting room. Where two friends despite the odds, and in their own ways, pit their talents against a world lost in darkness, poverty, injustice, greed, ignorance, and the great elemental shifts of the centuries. One studies and hones his abilities to a fine point and the other in his desire to assist his friend, discovers newfound abilities. And in so doing, they bring a merciful justice to a world still so similar to ours. There is nothing she’d rather do than curl up in the settee in front of that famous Baker Street fire and listen to the true stories woven together by a combination of genius and literary talent.

She is a member of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London, the John H. Watson Society, and the Dumpster Divers of Philadelphia artist collective. Scholarly and literary articles published in the Watsonian, the Serpentine Muse, and The Proceedings of the Ponticherry Lodge.

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