Of the hundreds of Sherlock Holmes pastiche mysteries available to the Sherlockian, very few can match this book for a depth of historical research, finely crafted sentences and paragraphs, and a heart-stopping thrill of a story. Ms. Altabef takes the reader on a journey during the great hiatus and brings Sherlock Holmes to New York State . . . The characters she creates–especially that of the child, Rachel–are distinct, colorful, and memorable. The plot builds through incident after dangerous incident, culminating with a frantic climax. A great read. Now, all we need is more like this from this very capable Sherlockian.

Review by: Craig Stephen Copland

Author in Clapham Common, London UK

Gretchen Altabef met Sherlock Holmes for the first time as Ronald Howard’s young and friendly sleuth. She was six and has not forgotten his portrayal of the youthful, genial Holmes of A Study in Scarlet. She read Doyle concurrently with Poe, as contraband in a private all-girl’s High School. Today she is the MX Publishing Author of Sherlock Holmes: These Scattered Houses. The audiobook, narrated by J. T. McDaniel, reached #2 in sales of all 2019 MX Holiday releases. The sequel, Sherlock Holmes: Remarkable Power of Stimulus is due to release November 2020.

“Holmes appears to be this rather cold and distant figure who holds the rest of humanity at arm’s length. But deep down I believe––much deeper down––he is a man of tremendous sensitivity and feeling.” –Jeremy Brett. The Bryan Times, 1988.

Jeremy Brett used his immense talent, intelligence, and experience to show us the incredible range of feeling bubbling beneath the surface of the genius detective. In her novels, Ms. Altabef acknowledges these investigations. Her fictional journeys are influenced by her copious historical research plus the application of that imagination and intuition Holmes usually found lacking in the Scotland Yarders.

She is a member of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London, the John H. Watson Society, and the Dumpster Divers of Philadelphia artist collective. Her scholarly and literary articles have been published in the Watsonian, the Serpentine Muse, and The Proceedings of the Pondicherry Lodge.

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