VIDEO – Remarkable Power of Stimulus Please enjoy viewing the VIDEO from from REMARKABLE POWER OF STIMULUS . The haunting soundtrack by A Man Called Jack is worth a listen, if nothing else! Observe it for clues if you like. See if you can find them, some are obvious, some explosive, but most are subtle. Of course those who have already read… Continue reading VIDEO – Remarkable Power of Stimulus

REVIEW: Remarkable Power of Stimulus

Remarkable Power of Stimulus is the long awaited sequel to These Scattered Houses. It is an intense and exciting adventure from the first chapter to its ending. After 3 years away from his beloved England Sherlock Holmes returns to London with his young charge Miss Rachel Marcello. From the moment they step foot on the… Continue reading REVIEW: Remarkable Power of Stimulus

Kickstarter for Remarkable

For me it began with my collar undone and the taste of brandy on my lips. The mist before my eyes cleared, and I was filled with the incredible excitement of Holmes miraculous reappearance in my surgery. New VIDEO at my REMARKABLE POWER OF STIMULUS Kickstarter. Filled with clues to the novel, see if you… Continue reading Kickstarter for Remarkable

Two-fer: 1 Novel + 1 Sequel

I looked at him anew, with an understanding I never had before and with awe for the magnitude of such a mind. In a flash I understood the cocaine, his moods, and his genius. MX Publishing has bundled together These Scattered Houses and Remarkable Power of Stimulus. My action packed original story of Holmes alone,… Continue reading Two-fer: 1 Novel + 1 Sequel