Another fast paced mystery from Altabef 

“This is much more than the usual Sherlock Holmes story, it is a rich tapestry of relationships. Especially the friendship between Holmes, Watson, and Mrs. Hudson.”5-Star Amazon Review by Demetrius Once again, Gretchen Altabef shows her talents as an author. In The Keys of Death she creates a new format with interesting new characters, a… Continue reading Another fast paced mystery from Altabef 

The Final Problem by Petr Kopl

“When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains and however improbable, is probably true.” Petr Kopl’s beautiful graphic novel is worth it just for the exquisitely painted seven page sequence showing the final battle between Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty and the essential role Holmes’ cape played in it. The death-defying perspective of his final two-page… Continue reading The Final Problem by Petr Kopl

These Scattered Houses Review by Craig Stephen Copland

Henry Gritten, Mathew Vassar's Springside, View of Gardener's Cottage, Poughkeepsie, New York, 1858. "Of the hundreds of Sherlock Holmes pastiche mysteries available to the Sherlockian, very few can match this book for a depth of historical research, finely crafted sentences and paragraphs, and a heart-stopping thrill of a story." Ms. Altabef takes the reader on… Continue reading These Scattered Houses Review by Craig Stephen Copland

These Scattered Houses Review by Geri Schear

The author also captured Holmes’s voice very neatly. As I wrote my first three novels from Holmes’s point of view, I know all too well how difficult it is to make that voice sound authentic. The story takes place during The Great Hiatus, that period in Sherlock Holmes’s life when the world believed he was… Continue reading These Scattered Houses Review by Geri Schear

Jeremy Brett Playing A Part

A comprehensive performance biography of the incomparable Shakespearean actor, Jeremy Brett, by Maureen Whittaker. It covers the years 1954 – 1995 and is a singular view of the history of theatre, film and TV of this time period. For the fan it is chock full of hundreds of rarely seen and exclusive photographs. For the… Continue reading Jeremy Brett Playing A Part