Today’s Amazon Review of The Keys of Death

The Keys of Death is fantastic! Another victory! Altabef’s third book is a compelling and entertaining read.

I loved this take on the origins of the unstoppable team of Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, AND Mrs. Hudson! Gretchen Altabef always does a great job of imbuing exciting mystery stories with strong female characters and a feminist backbone, and her third book, The Keys of Death, is no exception.

Holmes & Watson come into Hudson’s life at just the right time to help her through a difficult time and bring closure to an unsolved personal mystery. The reader gets to see the chemistry develop between our crime-solving team as they navigate dangerous events and a wide cast of characters, from London’s elite to the ever-helpful Irregulars as well as the resilient Anglo-Jewish community of the time.

Adding historical context to a well-trod origin story, Altabef’s third book is a compelling and entertaining read, especially for those who have come to enjoy these characters in any of their iterations over the years.

Gretchen Altabef is an Award-Winning author. For MX Publishing, she writes mysteries for Sherlock Holmes to solve. Including the history of woman that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle left out. She also publishes with Belanger Books, Mondadori, and Mystery MagazineThe first, These Scattered Houses, is in Holmes’ own voice, and resourcefully chronicles the conclusion of his underground years. This is where the Rachel Holmes Series begins. The second in the series is, Remarkable Power of Stimulus. After 3 years away, Holmes finds London awash in murders, No. 221B under siege, anarchists threatening Paris, and the return of Irene Adler. Fully aware he is under surveillance by Moriarty’s henchmen, Holmes steps out of the cab into Baker Street knowing he will find Watson’s friendship and unerring aim are as dependable as the British Rail. Ms. Altabef’s most recent novel, THE KEYS OF DEATH is the genesis story of the world’s most famous address, and the young occupants of No. 221B Baker Street.

Gretchen is currently tucked away in her writer’s cabin with a goodly stock of Earl Grey and delicious concoctions from Mrs. Hudson’s Garden. Where she is diligently at work on the third Rachel Holmes novel. Rachel Holmes now has her own BLOG, where she will keep you apprized of her world during the book’s progress.

Do you enjoy my stories? Are there ways they could have been improved? Please help me and future readers of my books by posting a review on Amazon. Doing so would be incredibly helpful. Thank you in advance, Gretchen.

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