Rachel’s BLOG #3

River Thames Boat Race Course

Brit Acres & the 52nd Oxford vs Cambridge Boat Race 30 March 1895

Writing this Blog is not as easy as I once thought, and I will have to have a talk with my Uncle John about it. He seems to write up Papa’s adventures so effortlessly.

What an exciting race! Sean and I watched from Queen’s Wharf right at the edge of the River Thames. The Oxford vs Cambridge Boat Race took place from Putney to Mortlake. In the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames in southwest London.

I heard that Cambridge made the quicker start. But we held our breaths as right in front of us Oxford recovered, and took the lead! Their sprint led them underneath the nearby Hammersmith Bridge where the Thames curves around tightly. After twenty minutes fifty seconds, our crew won by two and a quarter lengths. It was our sixth victory in a row and took the overall record in the event to 29–22 in Oxford’s favour.

Other than firearms, baritsu, and the other fisticuffs training my Papa demands of me as an aspiring consulting detective, I am not a sportsman. Preferring to gain my health during suffragist marches. Nonetheless, watching the blue boats in their trials and rooting for the Oxford crew was thrilling. In a heavy wind and a stronger tide, the superbly trained racers pitted themselves against the newly thawed river currents. The recent winter’s ‘great frost,’ had thankfully departed leaving this day snow and ice free. Our gentlemen carried on and won the race to Chiswick.

Mr. Acres was situated at the end of the course. Sean and I met him afterwards during the celebration. His moving picture camera was large, much bigger than a still film camera. And he had to crank it continuously to move the film during recording. I wonder if he will also need to do so when showing the motion picture. He will be doing so at the Lyonsdown Photographic Club, and the Royal Photographic Society later this year.

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