PODCAST – Sherlock Holmes Author Panel – October 2021

“Every single one of my books involve the women of the times, the history of the women of the times. Which Arthur Conan Doyle doesn’t see!” – Gretchen Altabef

This event was so much fun! To have a chance to appear with these wonderful authors, some of my fellow MX Publishing author friends. To listen to their experience and share mine on subjects so close to our hearts: Sherlock Holmes and publishing Sherlock Holmes books. We each have our own experience with this and our lives have been changed by our involvement.

I see my books as murder mysteries but I also see them as historical novels. The detectives in my novels happen to be Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. I write from a women’s perspective and that changes everything, and updates it. This approach turns everything around, opens up new vistas for my stories, and brings a unique take on Holmes and Watson in my novels.

These characters have survived all these years, and generations because Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a modern writer who created the first realistic, scientific detective. His superbly crafted characterizations and the creation of an environment so real, one feels as if one has been there.

Thank you, Steve Emecz and MX Publishing.

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