PODCAST – I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere – MX Publishing

MX runs on passion, creative intelligence, and dreams A. Conan Doyle and J.M. Barry would approve. And supports a large number of charities incredibly well and highly successfully.”

Everyday I am more and more grateful for finding Steve Emecz and the MX community. Find out why by listening to the I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere podcast interview with Steve about his unique publishing company. (Link at end of post.) Sherlock Holmes Books and MX Publishing was created by an amazingly singular gentleman with the easy genius that he shares with Mr. Holmes. When confronted with a problem, the solution Steve will create always involves building more community and many times in ways no one else could. This is how this publishing company, and social enterprise as Steve sees it, came into being.

This podcast will give you the details that only Steve can. He basically knocks their socks off. One thing he told me during our first Author/Publisher meeting on Baker Street that he didn’t have time to say here. Steve gets great joy out of bringing a writer to his or her first published book. How many publishers say that, and face to face? Only one that I know of. And with 500 new Sherlock Holmes books to back that up. Steve’s partner in this is Sharon Emecz they are both master promotion experts. They make a fantastic team, each’s talent and abilities encourage the other’s and we all benefit.

I am one of over 200 authors in this community. It’s a community because we support each other’s books, not compete. Through reviews, blog-posts, shared dreams, and moral support though the process of authoring a new book. How many authors feel they have 150 other authors at their back? I have gotten fantastic reviews and feedback from my fellows, all of which has helped me leap another hurdle as an author. Give this podcast a listen. I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere is well-known among the Sherlockian and Holmesian community. It’s production values are high and choice of subjects well done. There is a whole library of exceptional podcasts to choose from. Another wonderful find during this special time we are all living through.

Gretchen Altabef is an MX author of Sherlock Holmes novels. Mondadori Publishing has contracted to translate her novels into Italian. Ms. Altabef strives to emulate Dr. John Watson’s and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s literary style. The first, These Scattered Houses, is in Holmes’ own voice and resourcefully chronicles the last two months of his ‘great hiatus’. The second in the series is, Remarkable Power of Stimulus. After 3 years away, Holmes finds London awash in murders, No. 221B under siege, anarchists threatening Paris, and the return of Irene Adler. Fully aware he is being watched by Moriarty’s men, Holmes steps out of the cab into Baker Street knowing he will find Watson’s friendship and unerring aim are as dependable as the British Rail.

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