Rachel’s BLOG #4

Uncle John’s Writing Guidelines Rachel Holmes Always, always remember who the author is. Your voice is the most important one in the story. I have had a talk with my Uncle John about writing. After all, he has just finished publishing Papa’s latest adventure for the Strand. I was home for the weekend and we… Continue reading Rachel’s BLOG #4

Rachel’s BLOG #3

River Thames Boat Race Course Brit Acres & the 52nd Oxford vs Cambridge Boat Race 30 March 1895 Writing this Blog is not as easy as I once thought, and I will have to have a talk with my Uncle John about it. He seems to write up Papa’s adventures so effortlessly. What an exciting… Continue reading Rachel’s BLOG #3

Rachel’s BLOG #2

Michael Peter Archer "Girl With Sunflowers" Dear, Sean, These days, I find it exceedingly difficult to ignore the world and get down to business. I am approaching the end of my Oxford studies with one more concerted effort ahead of me. Yet, to isolate myself from what is going on in the world and allow… Continue reading Rachel’s BLOG #2

Rachel’s BLOG #1

Rachel will keep you informed while Gretchen is in her writer’s cabin diligently at work on the 3rd Rachel Holmes mystery. Painting by Harrison Fisher. “The Study Hour.” Illustration published in The Ladies’ Home Journal, 1908. My dearest Sean, A lot has happened since last we met in Remarkable Power of Stimulus. I hope these letters… Continue reading Rachel’s BLOG #1

A Visit To 221B Baker St. L.A. 

Some aspects of 221b Baker Street Los Angeles Chuck Kovacic’s 221B Baker Street Los Angeles is located in the San Fernando Valley surrounded by the beautiful and spectacular Coastal Ranges that stretch along the Pacific Coast of the North American Continent from Mexico to Canada’s British Columbia.  When my son and I arrived at the Kovacic’s hacienda we… Continue reading A Visit To 221B Baker St. L.A. 

Another fast paced mystery from Altabef 

“This is much more than the usual Sherlock Holmes story, it is a rich tapestry of relationships. Especially the friendship between Holmes, Watson, and Mrs. Hudson.”5-Star Amazon Review by Demetrius Once again, Gretchen Altabef shows her talents as an author. In The Keys of Death she creates a new format with interesting new characters, a… Continue reading Another fast paced mystery from Altabef 

Honored for Excellence in Fiction!

“Amazing, ecstatic, overjoyed, fabulously flabbergasted, and of course, humbled by this fantastic award.” During the inaugural Doylean Honors celebration of the ACD Society, I was honored for excellence in Fiction!. I am grateful beyond measure for this momentous Best Fiction of 2022 Award. The awarded short story was “Sir Arthur and the Time Machine” published… Continue reading Honored for Excellence in Fiction!

PR’s Review of The Keys of Death

“Don't miss out on The Keys of Death!!” The Keys of Death is Ms. Altabef's third Sherlock Holmes novel and I believe it's her best one yet!! This adventure takes place during the early years of Sherlock Holmes, Watson and Mrs. Hudson's relationship. It is a refreshing change to experience them as young and vulnerable… Continue reading PR’s Review of The Keys of Death

Loved it! 😍

Reedsy Review: “A new Holmes story for fans of the original, The Keys of Death is a satisfying new mystery, true to character, and delicious to read!” Keys of Death is not Gretchen Altabef’s first foray into the world of Sherlock Holmes, there are at least three other novels in this vein according to her Goodreads… Continue reading Loved it! 😍